by My Second Charm

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    Artwork done by Shenandoah LaRock

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Debut EP [_|_]


released October 21, 2016

Eddie Ryan: all instruments/vocals

All songs produced/mixed/mastered by Ryan Rosmann
All songs recorded @ Hi-Five Studios in Cedarburg, WI
All songs written by My Second Charm (except track 6)
Track 6 written by Ken Andrews & Greg Edwards
Artwork by Shenandoah LaRock
(c) 2016

Thank you. You know who you are [_|_]



all rights reserved


My Second Charm Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pop-punk outfit from MKE. Debut EP "Stuck" out now!


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Track Name: Now's Not the Time
I’ve got this ringing in my ears
I guess we’re no longer friends (like we used to be)
They say that the high tide will raise all our ships
I guess this isn’t the case

I haven’t written with you in a long time
I know this wasn’t meant to be (even though it lasted)
Some think that this was the greatest thing
I say this wasn’t the case

You say the time is now
But now is not the time

(The sun is gone, and summer’s dead)
Track Name: Because It Is My Name
(Verse 1)
What’s written in pen is not what I intended
I’d rather chop off my left hand again
Than gaining more confidence in what I don’t possess
I’ll take all your kicking like the hacky sack I am

Because what I prefer is what I have chosen
And what you keep saying
It’s like being frozen in sand
Too deep in dreams, I guess
But I’ll stick to my guns ‘til I die in the end

(Verse 2)
I’m sickened but I’m still hungry for all of it
I know it’s not entirely your fault this time
I’m pissed and sarcastic; but my feet are too tired
To kick and scream all day, but what’s the point?


I’m losing all my focus
Because you keep getting distracted by the real thing
(It won’t help me if you say to me what you say to me)

Track Name: 783
(Verse 1)
A year of some content and a few extremes
You never called me back
So when I went to your house I begged for another chance
To be a part of the group
Cuz I knew it wouldn’t last much longer without you
And now it’s time for the present
I’m thinking about all the things that you wouldn’t do

I understand you may be angry just like me
But you keep holding it back longer than I do
Are you listening to me?
As you probably sit at home in front of your laptop screen
I know things were gonna change
But never to what extreme

(Verse 2)
Within two years
We start getting closer, my hopes getting higher now
You rarely called me back
But when nothing goes either way, you have to call me out
Or never bother to talk
But it’s not so abnormal, I’ve dealt with it all before
I know we got these commitments
But you should be sticking to all the songs on the floor


Was it fair when you left and never spoke a word?
When it wasn’t even me who didn’t give you my word?
I know there’s someone to blame, but it makes no sense
To go back and extort them for what we had
So as I write these words, I know it seems odd
To make it sound like it’s your fault, I know it’s not
I just had to get all of the mess off of my chest
This is how I felt when…

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: Thank You
(Verse 1)
The green that’s in my eyes
Might be turning blue
Sometimes I feel like an ocean
Because I’m always drowning in something
But the one thing that picks me up
Is your high tide that always raises up my ships
And I don’t wanna put the sails back down

My head gets disorganized
But then you become my file cabinet
I should’ve never wanted to walk away from this

I can’t thank you more than enough
For keeping your passion for me
You make me realize I’m stronger than I look and feel
You’re just the extra kick I need
To feel some sense of relief
That you’re a human being, and not just a fantasy

(Verse 2)
I know sometimes it’s sad
That’s because this thing called life
Can overpower happiness
It doesn’t feel right
But at least I have this angel
That always rests her head upon my shoulders
And she knows I’d do the same to her


Set sail for back home
That’s where the angel flies with me
Track Name: Major Switch with a Major Change
(Verse 1)
I’m feeling like a black sheep on an island of misfit toys
There’s no room to breathe, no food for thought
When it comes to what I enjoy
The peace of mind is AWOL, and I think I’m staying stuck
It’s creeping up on junior year
Even though it’s just my luck

I’m not happy
I’m not happy or willing to move on

(Verse 2)
I’m feeling like a rabbit that’s afraid to jump around
‘Cuz there’s cameras on the left-hand side
And on the right there’s hounds
My hand is cramping up again, my mind is getting numb
No “Wheel of Fortune” prize wheel
Can help me feel less dumb


(Verse 3)
I’m feeling like a pen that keeps running out of ink
No sharper tools in the abandoned shed
As my ship continues to sink
The notes I write are random, just like my train of thought
Without much help, I’m questioning
All of the things I bought

Chorus (x2)